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Truncate SQL DBs remotely without admin privileges
SQL Log: It records recent database transactions and is used to ensure database integrity in the event of a system restore, like database queries, updating/insertion/deletion of the records and all other database action. You can say it is a temporary location for database actions and data. Then it...
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Domain Redirection Setup
Setup Domain Redirection to external URL in Plesk Step 1: To reconfigure an existing domain and make it a domain forwarder please follow the below steps 1. Visit the URL http://<your_domain>:8880 or https://<your_domain>:8443 (For SSL) and login. 2. Go to Websites & Domains tab...
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Accessing MS SQL database using myLittleAdmin
To access MS SQL database using myLittleAdmin please follow the below steps. STEP: 1 Login to the Plesk panel and click on Website and Domains on left Menu Bar then select Database Option 1 and 2 will open the Database panel wherein option 3 will take you directly to ...
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How to configure IIS to access website using IP address?
Steps to follow to configure IIS to access a website via IP address. Add a Binding in IIS Login into your Window server via Remote Desktop. Go to Start → Administrative Tools → Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. In the Connections pane of IIS, expand the Sites and select the...
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View website traffic report and site usage details in Plesk
View your website traffic report from Plesk panel Step 1: Log in to Plesk Panel using the current username and password. Step 2: Go to the Websites & Domains, click web statistics. Step 3: Then click on Web Statistics. Step 4: A new window will open...
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How to generate SSL certificate from CRM Client Panel
Prerequisite: CSR certificate for the domain, either that will be generated and supplied by the client or we can generate the certificate from our end. To generate a certificate from our end we can click on generate a new certificate as per the steps below. To the SSL product from the service...
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Diadem Spamexperts Advanced Antispam Overview
Diadem Spamexperts Advanced Antispam Overview Diadem Spamexperts is a premium cloud based antispam and antivirus solutions that works out of the box, offer full control, and is seamlessly integrated into existing email infrastructure. If you have an existing subscription, please login at the...
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Spamexperts Outgoing Spam Filter Settings
Spam Experts Outgoing Spam filters are very effective at blocking a large percentage of outbound spam/viruses, to prevent issues with your network reputation, the spam filter can be monitored and the spammer can be blocked. Configuration in Spam Filter Configuring user as per your need Log...
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How to create new email id in Zimbra Admin Panel
New email address creation and Increase Mailbox Quota Create Email address Step 01: 1. Login to Zimbra admin panel, then click on Manage. Step 02: 1. Now click on the dropdown list on the left hand side corner of the window and choose New. Step 03: 1. Choose your Account name...
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Restore archived email using MailStore desktop client
In order to restore all archived emails for any email id, follow the steps as mention bellow - Install MailStore Desktop Client on a Window 7 / 8 /10 Desktop System. Download the Mailstore Client from the following link - https://win2012.diadem-tech.com/MailStoreClientSetup-
rating 07 Oct, 2021