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Deleting emails from Horde Webmail

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Last updated: 26 Jul, 2018

Deleting emails from Horde Webmail

   Step 1: Follow the steps to delete selected emails permanently

1. Visit the URL http://<webmail.domain_name.com> and login into horde webmail.

2. Click on the Mail tab and select the folder from where you want to delete the specific emails. Now select the mails and  click on the delete button.

3. Mails will be marked as deleted.

Now to delete them permanently, click on the arrow from the other option on the right menu. Now click on Purge Deleted to delete those emails permanently.

A popup will inform that all the emails are successfully purged.

Step 2: To delete all the mail from any folder

1. Right click on that folder from the left menu and click on Empty.

2. A popup will open for the confirmation. Click OK to delete all emails from that folder.


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Article ID: 579
Last updated: 26 Jul, 2018
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