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Diadem Premium AntiSpam Client Access Overview

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Last updated: 18 Nov, 2014


After login your account the first things you see is dashboard. Here you can find out the details of your anti-spam software.  From the dashboard you can see the below given details of your domain for last 90 days:

  • Total Number of messages pass through spam filter.
  • The number of clean messages.
  • The number of spam messages.

Quarantine Section:

Next tab is Quarantine tab. Which is very important. The messages which identified as a spam stored here. To find out any message from quarantine follow the below steps

  •  Click on the advance option.
  •  In the “To: “ field give the recipients email address.
  •  In the “From:” field give the sender email address.
  •  In the “Subject:” field give the subject of the message.
  •  Then click on Apply Filter button.

To view and release messages from the quarantine, just move the mouse on the message and click on “view message”.

After viewing the quarantine messages, if you find that the message is not a spam then you can deliver that message to the respective mail box. To do that follow the below steps:

  •    To view the message click on “view message”.
  •    Then click on “Release Message” to deliver the message.

To allow emails from a specific sender, click on the “Whitelist Sender” button from the reading message window.

Block spam emails:

To block incoming emails which are spam but have got past the spam filter, simply forward the email to the following id: 

mydomain.com@missedspam.com where mydomain.com is the name of your domain.

You can also block email ids and domain names from the web interface from the following option.

  •   Click on Settings> Approved / blocked senders” option.
  •    Then click on “Blocked” option.
  •    Then Click on “Add new” button.
  •    A new window will open.
  •    On that window Add the email id’s which you want to block and then click on “Add” button.

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Article ID: 684
Last updated: 18 Nov, 2014
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