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How to Manage Sitelock

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Last updated: 21 Mar, 2018

1. Login to the Site-lock Panel. Enter username and password as shown on the figure and click on Login button, below are given login URL.

URL: http://manage.diadem-tech.com/customer

2. After login expand the Manage orders menu. Click on List/Search order. 

3. Click on the Domain name as shown on the order list.

4. After click on the domain scroll down the page click on Site-lock Admin panel.

5. On the Dashboard of the Site-lock panel you will see your website traffic, Site-lock visitors are categories into four types,

Shield Views: It shows number of visitors click on the website Sitelock Trust Seal.
Unique Visitors: New visitors appears to the site.
Human Visitors: It defines number of non-bot visitors accessed.
Bot Visitors: It defines number of bot to crawl your website for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

6. On the Security Summary section displays alert, time of code-base scanning and scan result.

7. To click on each of the option to find more. Also you can see the malware scan result. Below are given screenshot.

8. To click on the date you can see the Malware detection report. Here you can find File directory and file name.

9. To download the scan report in CSV format and re-scan the website follow the screenshot below.


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Article ID: 993
Last updated: 21 Mar, 2018
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