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Install applications from Marketplace at Jelastic

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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2017

With the help of Jelastic Packaging Standard we’ve packaged the most popular and requested applications, previously configured in the most beneficial way. These applications can be automatically installed directly from the dashboard, skipping many steps of manual deployment, or from our Marketplace site page by means of one-click installation widgets.

To access the Jelastic Marketplace via dashboard, just click the corresponding button at the top pane.


Upon expanding the Apps Marketplace section, you’ll be shown a full list of available applications, divided into the appropriate categories, at the left. This allows you to choose among the available solutions depending on your needs.

1. To find a particular application, use a special Search box above the apps list. Simply type application’s name (or part of it) into this field and choose the required one from the drop-down list. We’ll use the OrangeHRM as an example.
2. Then click the Install button at the unfolded frame in order to automatically create the appropriate environment and deploy the chosen application to it.


3. In the opened Confirm installation of application window, type the preferable name (or leave the default one) for the environment you would like to create and deploy the chosen application to.
4. Click Install to continue.


5. The process of installation will be started. Wait a minute for Preparing, Deploying and Configuring to be finished.


6. After these operations are completed, you'll see a frame with the corresponding administration data listed (which is also duplicated within the appropriate email notification).
7. Click the Open in browser button.


8. Your ready-to-work application will be opened in a new browser tab.
Admin panel URL: http://orangehrm.diadem.cloud/
Admin name: admin
Password: OAmiBRFu9


9. Now we can start work with this application

Article ID: 961
Last updated: 29 Jul, 2017
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