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Reset Domain Owner Permissions

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

Reset Domain Owner Permissions

Objective: At the time of migration, it is needed for a while to changing or managing user roles, the domain administrator (Webadmin) becomes redundant with no permissions and users who login as domain admins are unable to manage their domain users and account.

   Step 1: Following are the steps to manage webadmin permissions

1. Visit the URL http://<your_domain>:8880 or https://<your_domain>:8443 (For SSL) and login as admin.

2. Go to Users tab and click on User Roles to view all roles that can be assigned to any user.

3. Click on the Webmaster roles, from here you can see Manage Users and Roles are not permitted. So, to resolve your Webadmin permission, follow this below procedures.
You can change the permission to to granted. Hence from then any webmaster can have the privilege to manage any user.

4. If you want to give permission to any particular user, then change the user's role to administrator. From then only the user's privilege will be escalated.

   A. Go to User Accounts and click on the name you want to change permission.

   B. Click on Change Settings to change the User role for that user.

   C. Change the User Role to Administrator to give full access to that user, then click OK to save.

A popup will show to inform that your user account is updated.



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Article ID: 406
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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