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Spamexperts Advanced Antispam Service

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Last updated: 05 Dec, 2017

Spamexperts is our premium cloud based antispam and antivirus solutions that work out of the box, offer full control, and is seamlessly integrated into existing email infrastructure. If you have an existing subscription, please login at the below URL: 

On this page:

1. Log Seach
White List and Black List
Report a spam
4. Report not a spam

URL: http://login.antispamcloud.com/

User Name: yourdomain.com

Password: ********* (as provided during signup)

How to search for emails: 

To search mails received, the details can be searched from “Log Search” option present in the dashboard.

 Log Search:

The above text boxes needs to be filled respectively for searching the exact email but all fields are optional.

1.    Date range can be selected from this option, a tentative time can be added within which the spam filter will look for the respective mails.
2.    If the particular server is known then we should go for selecting the Filtering Sever else we should select “All”.
3.    If the Message ID is known kindly enter on the respective field.
4.    In this particular text field the email subject needs to be enter.
5.    Sender email address
6.    Enter the recipient email address
7.    The IP address of the sender
8.    Hostname of the sender

Spam filter log search option for searching the logs for emails blocked or emails received list, kindly enter information in the respective field for searching the specific email addresses,scroll down below and hit the “Start Search” button.

You will get the list of the logs for the specific incoming emails. It is possible to Check delivery status and Error details of the email, you will be able to release the Rejected emails by the spam filter and any particular mail needs to be release, this can be done as shown in the next step.

 Release a Particular Message :

Release: This will release the particular mail

Release and Train: This will release the emails and will train the spam filter accordingly so that further this kind of mails are not blocked.

Release and Whitelist: Release the email from the quarantine list and whitelist the same in the spam filter.

Remove: Remove the mail from quarantine list.

Remove and Blacklist: Remove the mail from quarantine List and also Blacklist the email address if future the emails are not needed.

The reason of rejection are or a status of the mail can be found in the classification section which is marked as 1

White List / Black list Section:

In the menu section there is also option of white list and blacklist the sender and recipient, given below are the steps that ca be followed

To white-list sender you need to click "Sender White"  to bypass the spam filter.

To black-list sender you need to click "Sender Blacklist" to stop reject the mail at the spam filter.

Enter the sender email addresses in the text box “Sender”, if the domain needs to be blocked enter *@domain.com for wildcard.

Whitelist Recipient:

Whitelisting a recipient means bypassing the spam filter for the particular Email IDs:

Enter the recipient email addresses in the text field Marked as 1, and click add to add the particular email addresses, also a CSV file with recipient email addresses can be uploaded and shown in 2, to whitelist all the recipient clcik "Whitelist all recipient" 3, kindly note the spam filter will bypass the spam checking for all the email addresses for the particular domain.

Blacklist Recipient:

Emails to recipients listed on the blacklist will be automatically rejected

To blacklist the recipient email addresses enter the email address inside the text box and click "add" to email addresses list in CSV format can be uploaded on clicking the button "Upload CSV file" as marked in 2, to blacklist all the email addresses click on "Blacklist all recipient" as marked 3

Report A Spam:

Reporting a spam from web mail, login to the webmail and save that particular email at your local end as shown in the given below picture.

Navigate to Report Spam section, here the file which has been saved needs to be uploaded to train the spam filter accordingly the file can be drag and drop or click on "Browse", select the file and next click on "upload".

Report not spam

To report not a spam search the particular mail in the spam filter download the same as .eml in the local end, now navigate to the option "Report Not  A Spam" in the Spam Filter and upload the particular .eml file as shown in the given below snapshots.

Step 1:

Click on the subject to open the particular message as shown in the above screenshot.

Step 2:

The email can be downloaded as .eml format in, kindly click "Download as .eml" marked a 1, "Release and train"  option also works as reporting not a spam. as marked 2.

Step 3:

Navigate to Report not spam section, here the file which has been saved needs to be uploaded to train the spam filter accordingly the file can be drag and drop or click on "Browse", select the file and next click on "upload".

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Article ID: 932
Last updated: 05 Dec, 2017
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