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Automated website copying in Plesk

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Last updated: 16 May, 2020

Automated website copying in Plesk

Objective: If you have a production website and are planning major site changes, consider setting up a staging site, a separate location on the server where you can conveniently update and test a copy of the site before putting it into production.

   Step 1: Follow the steps to copy website from plesk

1. Visit the URL http://<your_domain>:8880 or https://<your_domain>:8443 (For SSL) and login

2. Click on website copying link under the respective domain section

3. A. If want to copy your website from staging to production environment or want to migrate to any other domain from Plesk control panel, follow the below given instruction
   Select the domain from the drop-down which need to copy.
   Try to keep existing files on the destination site, for further overcome if any error occur

   B. If want to copy to any other host via FTP account, then,
       a. Input the server hostname where to copy the files.
       b. Input the port id.
       c. Input the directory path where to copy.
       d. Input the username and password for authentication for the process.
       e. If unable to connect in active mode option, try passive mode.

4. Fill all the details as given above and click OK to start the process for copy website

5. A popup notification will show after completion of the process.

6. Now modify the website's script file connection settings and it will be ready.

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Article ID: 752
Last updated: 16 May, 2020
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