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Bulk email ID creation on Plesk

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Last updated: 14 Nov, 2022

Bulk email ID creation on Plesk

Follow the below steps to create Bulk Email ID on Plesk

1.Connect to the server via SSH/RDP.

2.Create a file mail.txt using any text editor with a list of mail addresses and passwords for it:

Note: Make sure that passwords comply with the current Password Strength Policy

Follow the instructions below for creating mailboxes from the mail.txt file

1. Download the attached script:

# wget https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-u s/article_attachments/360014711094/createmail_.tar.gz

2. Unpack the downloaded archive:

# tar -zxvf createmail_.tar.gz

3. Execute the script:

# ./createmail.sh mail.txt
Note: Other options like -mbox_quota, -aliases, -forwarding etc., can be added to the command plesk bin mail in the script. For details on using these options,check the documentation articles: for Linux and for Windows.

Retrieve Email forwarding details from the "psa" database.

Ref URL - https://talk.plesk.com/threads/display-through-command-line-mailbox-forwarding-addresses.352796/

Run the below command from the server's SSH to retrieve the details.
plesk db "SELECT concat(mail.mail_name,'@',domains.name) AS 'Email address',mail_redir.address AS 'Forward' FROM mail LEFT JOIN mail_redir ON mail.id=mail_redir.mn_id LEFT JOIN domains ON mail.dom_id=domains.id WHERE mail_redir.address <> ''"

| Email address                     | Forward                                                                 |
| [email protected]           | [email protected]                            |
| [email protected]            | [email protected]                           |
| [email protected]        | [email protected]                      |
| [email protected]         | [email protected]              |
| [email protected]      | [email protected]   |
| [email protected]  | [email protected]                   |
| [email protected]          | [email protected]              |
| [email protected]         | [email protected]                        |
| [email protected]         | [email protected]             |


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