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Campaign Statistics with Emailconnect

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Last updated: 22 Jul, 2019

Campaign statistics is very important aspect of any email marketing system, for a successful result oriented email marketing the marketeer should be able to understand the statistical data of their email campaign.

Email connect provides an easy and a detailed statistical data related to your email campaign in real time as well after the campaign is sent. It allows you to track email open statistics, clicks statistics, forwards statistics, browser views, unsubscriptions, bounced back emails, spam complains about the particular campaign etc.

  • To get the campaign statistics go to “Campaigns”
  • Select the campaign which is already sent
  • When you select the campaign you land on the reporting and statistical data screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Email Opens

Email connect provides a detailed statistical data on the email open ratios. Whenever a subscriber is opening an email on their email client or webmail system Email connect will record the data. This can help the marketeer to know whether their emails are being opened by the subscribers or not.

In order to get the detailed drilled down open statistics – click on the “Opens” link on the left hand side navigation panel. This will take you to the screen as shown in the below screenshot.

This report gives you the details on how many subscribers opened your campaign over a timeframe. It also gives you the details on which subscribers opened your email and how many times at the bottom of the screen.

Link Click Statistics

This helps you understand the data on link clicks by your subscribers. If there are any URL’s or links created within the campaign email and if the subscriber receiving your email clicks on any of the links within the campaign – Email connect will detect the link clicks and record the data on who clicked a particular link and how many times on which dates.

In order to see the link click statistical data click on the “Clicks” link on the left navigation bar.

Email Forwards

To see which subscribers forward your campaign to their friends or colleagues click on the Forwards link on the left hand side navigation. This will show you the details of the subscriber who forwarded how many emails to their friends.

Browser Views

If the browser view personalization is enabled within your campaign email and if the subscriber clicks on the browser view link then Email connect will track the data on what all subscribers are clicking on the browser view link.

Click on the “Browser views” link from the left navigation and you should get the drilled down data on which subscribers viewed your campaign on the browser.

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Article ID: 1020
Last updated: 22 Jul, 2019
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