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Changing the ASP.Net version for Virtual Directory/Website Virtual Directory

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Last updated: 28 Mar, 2020

       Changing ASP.Net Version for your  Virtual Directory.

        Description: Virtual directories allow you to run multiple web applications on a single domain In virtual directories,

         the directory is accessed using the folder path instead of the subdomain name. A virtual directory in Plesk is a link to an

          existing physical directory that is present on the server's hard disk.

         Step 1: To change the ASP.Net version for your virtual directory, Login into the Plesk Control Panel then go for Websites & Domain

                     and then click on Virtual Directories.   



         Step 2: Under Virtual directory, tab click on ASP.net Setting.


        Step 3: Under Asp.net settings click on Change Version


        Step 4: Under Asp.net settings Select the ASP.NET VERSION and then click on ok and apply.





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Article ID: 212
Last updated: 28 Mar, 2020
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