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Common email receiving issue

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Last updated: 01 Aug, 2018

Basic Mail send/receive Troubleshooting.

There are several common reasons for not being able to receive emails through MUAs, basic troubleshooting from user end so that the issue can be resolved.

Here are some checks you can make in order to locate the reason why you can not receive email with your Outlook:

Sudden Password pop while working.

 Reasons and Troubleshoot for the issue.

  • ISP Blocked the Incoming and Outgoing Port, some time the basic ports such as 110, 143 and 25 which are non-ssl ports are generally blocked by the ISP or firewall. 
    To check this you need to go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
    Select the account where you are facing the issue and click on change, a new window will open and click on Advance as shown below:

    Now a new window will open where you will get the configuration details, click on more settings.

    Now click on Advance tab to change the port to SSL/TLS as shown here.
  • Internet Connection problem.
    There might be internet connectivity problem as so outlook could not connect to the mail server, we can ping the mail server and parallel e to google to be sure that the Internet service is working/not working properly to check ping status, from your desktop open run by pressing windows + r keys together and enter ping google.com if you can ping from your computer and then you can also use the ping your mail server same was to check connectivity.
    If both the domains name are not pinging you can be quite sure that there is an ISP problem.
  • IP address block.
    It can be that your ISP IP address can be blocked, basically it happens because of Failed attempt from the IP address which can be a result that the IP address is blocked.
    Kindly call Diadem Technologies for further assistance.

Mailbox quota exceeded

Not Receiving mails in Inbox

If the mailbox quota of the exceeds you may stop receiving the mails while in POP3 protocol you will be able to send mails but you  won't receive mails, you need to login to the plesk control panel and check if the particular mailbox has been overused.

Resolution : If you have fixed mailbox quota, we will suggest to upgrade from the present plan or clear some mails to free up disk space. If it is VPS you can increase the mailbox quota from the control panel.


Incorrect MX Records of the Domain

The Mail Exchange (MX) record is a part of your DNS zone and it determines which server is currently handling your emails. You can check your MX record from the following website:


If you find that it is configured incorrectly, you should contact your domain name registrar with a request to change this record with the correct one.

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Article ID: 314
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