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Configure Manul antimalware for web content scanning

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Last updated: 30 Aug, 2016
Manul is an anti-malware utility that collects structured information about your site. You can either send the compiled information to a specialist or analyze it yourself to get a treatment script. 
Manul is easy to install. It doesn't need access to the administrator's accounts. After it's finished running you can simply delete the antivirus folder from your server. 

Download Manul

1. Upload Manul to your site's root directory using FTP/SFTP and unpack the archive.

Run the link in browser
2. To launch the utility, enter your_site's_address/manul/index.php into your browser's address bar.
    Link: http://yourdomain.in/manul
3. Set password so that nobody other than you can use the utility. Make sure PHP support is enabled for this domain.
4. Click on scan to start scanning. After it's finished a report will be saved in .xml format.
5. Upload the log file in author web site. Link: https://antimalware.github.io/manul/
6. Analyse all the alert files from website code-base. If you want to quarantine the malicious code then click on Quarantine and copy the auto generated code from Prescriptions (bottom).
7. Open Manul in your website and go to the Treatment tab. Paste the script you get after the analysis into the special field and click «Execute». All selected quarntined files are moved to manul/tmp/ folder in .zip format. 
8. After it's done working, delete the /manul folder from your server.

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Article ID: 886
Last updated: 30 Aug, 2016
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