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Create a mail id in Plesk

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Last updated: 29 May, 2020

Steps to create an email id in Plesk

Description: Once your website is ready, you can start creating mail accounts. You can choose, for example, to create mail accounts for all users within your organization. Note that the number and size of mailboxes is limited by your hosting plan.

                    For creating the Mail User please follow the below-mentioned steps:-

                  Step 1: Login into the Plesk control panel, then click on the website and domain and then select the domain under which you want to add your mail user.


               Step 2: Now click on Mail.


            Step 3: Click on Create Email Address.


          Step 4: Type the email address , then generate the password and finally click on OK to create the user.



        Steps to follow the link and setup email client in outlook and web mail access. 

  1. https://kb.diadem.in/creating-pop3-e-mail-account-in-outlook-2010_312.html
  2. https://kb.diadem.in/roundcube-webmail-guide_658.html

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Article ID: 363
Last updated: 29 May, 2020
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