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Create a mailing list

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

Steps to Create a mailing list

Mailing lists are used for sending e-mail messages to multiple recipients at once.

  1. Login to the Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Go to subscriptions and click the domain,where you can create the mailing list.


  1. To create a mailing list,click on Mail tab,click on Mailing Lists tab,then click on Create Mailing List tab.


      4.  Below are the descriptions of number sequence.

               a.Assign a new user name in Mailing list address input box.             
               b.Assign a administrator's Mail ID.               
               c.Assign password.               
               d.Write mailing list subscriber's list in subscribes text area.               
               e.As soon as mail list is created Admin will be notify.               
               f.Click OK button to accept the settings.your mailing list has been created.


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Article ID: 80
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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