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Create or delete a subdomain with Plesk

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Last updated: 30 May, 2020

Steps to create or delete a sub-domain 

Description: You have a website your-product.com dedicated to promoting and selling your product. For publishing information related to customer service and online order tracking, you can organize the subdomain “orders” so that your users will be able to access this information directly by visiting the Internet address “orders.your-product.com”.

As subdomains have the same status with the additional domains, you can use the same set of tools and services for working with subdomains. For example, SSL/TLS protection, Presence Builder, web statistics, and so on.

 Note: If DNS is manged from Plesk Panel then we  do not need to update DNS record, but if it is managed externally then we have to update the  'A' for the     Subdomain.

       Step 1: Login to plesk control panel, go to Websites & Domains.  click on Add Subdomain.


          Step 2:   click on Add Subdomain.


          Step 3: Now put the subdomain name in Subdomain name field and click on OK button.




            For Deleting a Subdomain please follow the below mentioned steps:

        Step 1:  To delete subdomain, go to the particular subdomain and click on Remove Subdomain button.


      Step 2:  Click on Yes for removing the Subdomain



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Article ID: 508
Last updated: 30 May, 2020
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