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Creating Email Auto Reply/ Vacation Mail

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

 Steps to creating Email Auto Reply/ Vacation Mail

 Objective:  If you are going on vacation and will not be able to check your mail for a while, you may want to leave a vacation notice that will be automatically sent to your correspondents once they send e-mail to your address. This is done with Auto-Reply facility, also referred to as auto-responder. Aside from vacation notices, organizations can use automatic replies to notify customers that their orders or technical support requests were received and will soon be processed. Auto-Reply can include pre written messages in plain text or HTML format, and they can contain attached files as well.

  1. Login to the Plesk Control Panel> select the domain. >Now click on the Mail tab.


  1. Click on the email ID from the E-mail address list for creating Auto-Reply.


  1. Click on Auto-Reply tab.



  1. Below are the descriptions of  number sequence.

                 1. Click on Switch on auto-reply select box.                
                2. On the Auto-reply message subject input box : Change subject if you want to change subject otherwise keep as it is to send sender's subject for your auto reply.                
                3. On Message format radio button : Format of your auto reply email. Choose Plain text for text type or HTML for html type email message.               
                4. Keep Encoding as it is for character type.               
                5. On Auto-reply message text text area : Write message you want to send the sender as your auto reply.               
                6. On Forward to input box : If you specify an email ID then at the time of auto reply you will get the original email on this email ID.               
                7. Send an automatic response to a unique email address.               
                8. The Remove link beside Attach a file button will remove corresponding Attach a file option.                
                9. Removed attached file.               
               10. The Add new attachment link below the Attach a file button will add another Attach a file option.               
               11. Click OK button when finished.


  1. You are done,your Email Auto-Reply has been created.


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Article ID: 3
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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