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Creating Email Auto Reply/ Vacation Mail

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Last updated: 19 May, 2020

    Steps to Creating Email Auto Reply/ Vacation Mail

Objective:  If you are going on vacation and will not be able to check your mail for a while, you may want to leave a vacation notice that will be automatically sent to your correspondents once they send e-mail to your address. This is done with Auto-Reply facility, also referred to as auto-responder. Aside from vacation notices, organizations can use automatic replies to notify customers that their orders or technical support requests were received and will soon be processed. Auto-Reply can include pre written messages in plain text or HTML format, and they can contain attached files as well.


        Step 1: Log in to the Plesk Control Panel.


         Step 2: Select the domain. Now click on the Mail Accounts icon


          Step 3: Then click on the email ID from the E-mail address list for creating Auto-Reply.

         Step 4: Click on Auto-Reply tab.

             Step 5: Below are the descriptions of the number sequence.

  • Click on Switch on auto-reply select box.
  • On the Auto-reply message subject input box : Change the subject if you want to change subject otherwise keep as it is to send sender's subject for your auto-reply.
  • On Message format radio button : Format of your auto-reply email. Choose Plain text for text type or HTML for HTML type email message.
  • Keep Encoding as it is for character type.
  • On Auto-reply message text area: Write the message you want to send the sender as your auto-reply.
  • On forwarding to input box: If you specify an email ID then at the time of auto-reply you will get the original email on this email ID.
  • Send an automatic response to a unique email address.
  • The Remove link beside Attach a file button will remove corresponding Attach a file option.
  • Removed attached file.
  • The Add new attachment link below the Attach a file button will add another Attach a file option.
  • Click OK button when finished.

         Step 6: You are done,your Email Auto-Reply has been created.

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Article ID: 3
Last updated: 19 May, 2020
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