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Creating Mail Forward

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Last updated: 31 Jul, 2018

Creating Mail Forward

Objective: The following article explains the steps involved in creating a Mail Forward for your domain. Each E-mail address contains a list of e-mail addresses that will receive messages sent to that particular e-mail address.

   Step 1: Setting up the mail forwarders from Plesk panel

1. Visit the URL http://<your_domain>:8880 or https://<your_domain>:8443 (For SSL) and login.

2. Click on the Mail tab and click the Email user under Email Addresses tab.

3. Click on the Forwarding tab.

4. A. Check the switch on mail forwarding.
   B. Type the email addresses you want to forward.
   C. Now click OK button to complete the process.

   A popup will confirm that the email settings were saved.

5. You can see the forwarding email from the listing of the email addresses under the Mail tab.

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Article ID: 31
Last updated: 31 Jul, 2018
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