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Creating Mailing Lists in Plesk 10

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Last updated: 02 Jan, 2012

A mailing list is an e-mail address to which a number of users are subscribed. Mailing lists are used for sending e-mail messages, such as newsletters, promotional e-mails, etc, to multiple recipients at once.


Step 1

Login into the control panel>> Now click on Mail tab>> Then click on Mailing Lists>> After that click on Create mailing list.



Step 2

Now fill this page as below.  



1. Mailing list address.

2. Mailing list administrator e-mail address

3. Password

4. Write the addresses which are going the member of mailing list.

Make sure that the mailing list is switched on.

Now click OK to continue.


Now the Mailing list has created.  

For more extensive control over a mailing list use this link to access the administration interface. You will be prompted to enter the password you just provided.  

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Article ID: 457
Last updated: 02 Jan, 2012
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