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Creating Web User(s)

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

 Steps to Creating Web User(s)

 Objective: Web User are like FTP user, you can use this as an individual FTP account and you can host on your Web server personal Web pages for individuals who do not need their own domain names. These pages usually have web addresses like http://yourdomain.com/~username.

  1. Login to Control Panel and Click on the "Website & Domain" tab after that click on "Web Users" button.

  2. Now click on the "Add Web User" button.



  1. Below are the description of add a web user.

               a. Write the "Username" for connecting to the server over FTP.

               b. Write the "password".

               c. Enter  the same password in "Confirm password" text box.

               d. Click "OK" to save the "Web User".


  1. A new web user is created. Now you can create more web user following this steps.


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Article ID: 18
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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