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Diadem VM Cloud Management Console Overview

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Last updated: 13 Jan, 2022

Diadem VM Cloud Management Console 

Cloud Console: https://vzm.diadem-tech.com:4083 
Type your registered email id and password and click on Login.

After successful login, you will access your portal and it will list the VMs available in your account. 
The left navigation menu will lead to other options which we will describe below.

  • List VPS
  • My Profile 
  • Account password
  • Support Access

Click on the Arrow icon on the above image will open a new screen to manage the VPS.
On this page, you can do the following:

  • 1- Start/Stop, Restart, Power Off the server 
  • 2- You can check Disk usage, CPU load, and running process running on your server from this page.
  • 3- You can also check Graphs, Tasks & Logs, Services running on the server.

To kill a Processes, Click the On Processes icon as given in the screenshot.

Select the particular process you want to kill and click on the Kill button below.

To check System Alerts, click on the System Alerts icon

You can check your server-related system alerts here.

Click on the Graphs to view the Graphs.

To check the running services, click on Services. You can also start, stop or restart the services without logging into the server.

To change your account password. Click on Account Password and provide a new password (It is always recommended to use a strong password)

To get technical support, click on the Support Tab to get redirected to our support ticketing login portal.

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Article ID: 1424
Last updated: 13 Jan, 2022
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