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Email Troubleshooting
Network issue troubleshooting at local client desktop
Whenever an issue evolves related to IP in the server, the following checks are needed to be done at clients end Step 1. Ping check to domain / IP with the command ping <domain_name -t> and for the IP in case the domain does not respond as ping <IP -t> as per the below given image....
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How to open header report from the Roundcube Webmail
How to open header report from the Roundcube Webmail Step 01: Login to your webmail account using webmail.<domain-name>. Step 02: Select the email for which you need the header report as displayed in below screenshot. Step 03: Select the arrow mark on the top right hand corner of...
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How to download and setup AnyDesk
How to download and setup AnyDesk Step 1: Steps to follow to install anydesk desktop application 1. Visit the link https://anydesk.com and click on Download from top menu. 2. Click on the the supported OS type which you want to install. 3. Click on the button Download AnyDesk. The...
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Outlook and Outlook express troubleshooting tips
At certain occasions you may receive various kinds of errors in your outlook or outlook express while sending or receiving mail. We have highlighted some common errors and provided the troubleshooting steps you need to follow to resolve them. ERRORS The server could not be found....
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Max Recipient Restriction
Diadem Mail servers have implemented a check on the number of recipients that one enters in the "To"/"CC"/"Bcc" field in the e-mail to be sent. The Max number of recipients that you can send a mail to at a time has been restricted to 25. If you get the below mentioned errors then you can be sure...
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