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Generate Paid SSL Certificate through Client Portal and Plesk

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Last updated: 09 Jul, 2024

Generate Paid SSL Certificate through Client Portal and Plesk

To generate a certificate from Plesk we can click on generate a new certificate as per the steps below. If CSR is already generated, then go to Step 3.

Step 1:
For Generating the SSL certificate first of all we need to generate CSR for the domain which we can do it from the Plesk panel for that we need to select the SSL certificate then click on the Advance setting.


Step 2: 
Now click on the Domain name.


Step 4: 
Now we need to fill up this form as directed then we can click on request so that CSR can be generated.



Step 5: 
Now CSR is generated which we can use to  SSL certificate for the domain.


Step 6:
Once CSR is generated you may log in to clients are for generating the SSL certificate for the client domain.


  Step 7: Select SSL service from the Services option


Step 8: Click on the Manage option of the SSL service


Step 9: 
On the SSL service details page, click on the Open link on the SSL Certificate Status section


 Step 10: 
Click on Edit/request certificate to generate your new Certificate Request



Step 11:
Enter the CSR that has been generated in the text box or generate CSR from "Generate a new CSR" option.


Step 12:
Change the domains and validation method to DNS and click the REQUEST option to confirm the request.


Step 13 :
On the next page, click on Follow the instructions and copy the DNS TXT details which need to be updated in the Plesk panel or the DNS panel of your provider.


Step 14:
Copy the hostname and add a CNAME record.           


Step 15:  
Updating the DNS record in Plesk

Log in to Plesk and Go to DNS Settings to add the DNS record


Step 16: 
In this screenshot, we can see that the Cname record has been updated. 

Step 17:
For the confirmation, if it is propagating or not you may check DNS record propagation at www.whatsmydns.net


Step 18:
Install the certificate in Plesk as per the below steps   

Go to Domains >domainname.com > SSL/TLS Certificates > Advanced Settings

  On the SSL/TLS Certificates page, select the certificate on which the CSR was generated

  This below pic needs to be updated


Click Choose File and then click on the  Upload the certificate section and upload these files. If both the certificate and the private key parts of your certificate are contained in a *.pem file (you can check it by opening the *.pem file in any text editor), just upload it twice, both as the private key and the certificate. Click the Upload Certificate once finished.


OR, if the SSL certificate is stored as a text:

Click Add SSL/TLS Certificate and scroll down to the Upload the certificate as text section. There, paste the certificate and the private key parts into the corresponding fields. Click the Upload Certificate when you have finished.


Step 19:
Once the certificate is created, go to Domains > domainname.com  > Hosting Settings and select the newly deployed certificate for your website to use :



 Step 20:
Open your website at https://example.com. and click on the padlock you will get the required SSL certificate information.

In case of any issues, make sure that the certificate was properly selected or raise a ticket with our support team.

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Article ID: 1349
Last updated: 09 Jul, 2024
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