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How to add a Domain in your Subscription

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Last updated: 21 Apr, 2020

How to add a Domain in your Subscription

Follow the steps to add domain in subscription from Plesk panel


  1. Visit the URL http://<your_domain>:8880 or https://<your_domain>:8443 (For SSL) and login.


  1. Go to the Subscription and click on the subscription name where you want to add domain.


  1. Login to the Plesk panel and click on the button Add a Domain under the Website & Domain.


  1. Follow the steps as given below.
  • Type the domain name you want to add.
  • Select the Hosting type from the drop-down as Website hostingNo hosting, and Forwarding.
  • Select the Subscription from the drop-down menu.
  • Mark the DNS Service, if want to connect the DNS settings related and your domain name with the domain name at the registrar's side.
  • Mark the mail service, if you want to process the mail service for that domain from the same hosting.


  1. Under Hosting Settings section, set the Document root path for that domain and select the preferred domain type.


  1. Follow the below instruction.
  • Check Secure the Domain with Let's Encrypt, for securing your domain with SSL encryption.
  • Click OK to complete the process.

NOTE: Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate only works if the domain's A record is pointed to this server.


  1. Popup will show after complete. Now you can see your domain added under website & domain.

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Article ID: 1309
Last updated: 21 Apr, 2020
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