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How to Change VM settings

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021

Change VM settings

Under Tools, scroll down and select Virtual machines.

Click the Inventory tab on the right, select the VM, then click Settings.

To change VM start/stop actions and general settings, select General and do the following:

  • To change the VM name, enter it in the Name field
  • To change default VM start/stop actions, select the appropriate settings from the dropdown boxes.
  • To change time intervals for pausing or starting a VM, enter the appropriate values in the fields shown

Select Memory to change VM startup memory, dynamic memory range, memory buffer percentage, and memory weight.

Select Processors to change the number of virtual processors, to enable nested virtualization, or to enable simultaneous multithreading (SMT).

To change the size of an existing disk, modify the value in Size (GB). To add a new virtual disk, select Disks and then select whether to create an empty virtual disk or to use an existing virtual disk or ISO (.iso) image file. Click Browse and select the path to the virtual disk or image file.

To add, remove, or change network adapter settings, select Networks and do the following:

Specify the virtual switch to use, and whether to enable virtual LAN identification (you must also specify the VLAN identifier as well)

To change additional settings for a network adapter, click Advanced to be able to:

  • Select between dynamic or static MAC address type
  • Enable MAC address spoofing
  • Enable bandwidth management and specify the max/min range

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Article ID: 1389
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021
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