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How to configure two-factor authentication in zimbra webmail

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Last updated: 09 Feb, 2022

Two-factor authentication in zimbra webmail
Two-factor authentication in Outlook

Two-factor authentication in zimbra webmail

1. Login to the Webmail.

2. Go to the Preferences > Accounts. Scroll down the page and click on Setup two-step authentication.

3. Now click on Begin Setup.

4. Now re-enter the password and click on Next to start setup.

5. Now add the below Key at your Authenticator app and save it and click on Next.

6. Install and Configure for OTP at Android smartphone - Please Install Google Authenticator App:
Please download the Google Authenticator apps on your smart phone to generate the verification code.
Apps Link for android phone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2&hl=en

7. Now enter the generated verification code from the Authenticator Application at below textbox and click on next.

8. Now click on the Finish to complete the setup.


Two-factor authentication in Outlook

N.B: If you enable the two factor authentication, then you need to generate application specific code to configure email account in your MUA (Outlook, Iphone and mobile). To generate the same, follow the step 8.

1. Now click on Add Application Code.

2. Give the any application name and click on the Next.

3. Now copy the generated password and click on Close to close the window.

4. Now configure the email account in outlook with the generated app-code as a Password. As shown on the figure below.

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Article ID: 1208
Last updated: 09 Feb, 2022
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