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How to generate SSL certificate from CRM Client Panel

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Last updated: 11 Jul, 2024

Prerequisite: CSR certificate for the domain, either that will be generated and supplied by the client or we can generate the certificate from our end. To generate a certificate from our end we can click on generate a new certificate as per the steps below.

  1. To the SSL product from the service list.

  2. On the particular product click on Manage.

  3. Now click on Open

  4. Click on Edit/request certificate.

  5. Enter the CSR that has been generated in the text box or generate CSR from "Generate a new CSR" option.

  6. Change the domains and validation methods to DNS and then click request.

  7. Click on follow the Instruction and copy the record and share with the client if the DNS zone is with the client or if it is with us we can update it from our end.

 Note: In case there is a delay in DNS Validation follow the instruction in the below screenshot by changing the validation method once and then revert back the change       

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Article ID: 1335
Last updated: 11 Jul, 2024
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