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How to install CentOS Web Panel (CWP)

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

Steps to follow to install CWP Panel from CLI

   Step 1: Download and Install the CWP Panel from CLI

1. Login to your server as root or as any other user with sudo privilege and run the following commands in the terminal.

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-latest

(If the mentioned download link doesn’t work, then you can use the following link - http://dl1.centos-webpanel.com/files/cwp-latest)

# sh cwp-latest

(one thing to remember, CSF packages must not be installed previously, otherwise it can't be enabled from CWP if the version of the CSF mismatch)

2. The CWP installation progress will take some times because several software will be compiled from source for improved performance, security and flexibility. Once the process is done, you’ll see something like this -

3. Now hit Enter on your keyboard and your server should reboot automatically.

4. Now open up your favorite web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc) and open your newly installed CWP admin GUI at one of these URLs -
http://SERVER_IP:2030 or https://SERVER_IP:2031

   Step 2: Login to CentOs Web Panel

1. Go to CentOS WebPanel Admin GUI at http://SERVER_IP:2030 or https://SERVER_IP:2031 and login using following credentials .

Username: root
Password: <your root password>

2. Now the dashboard will appear on the screen.

   Step 3: Server settings needed post installation

1. Check if prompt for setup root email address, click on the button Set Root Email

2. Check if you do not have service monitor set, click on it and set the monitoring

3. Now if the firewall is disabled,

Enable it by the following by clicking enable firewall button as follows


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Article ID: 1012
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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