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How to install WordPress on CWP

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

Steps to install Wordpress in CWP

   Step 1: Login at http://<your_server_ip>:2082 or http://<domain_name>:2082

1. Go to the Addons menu on left panel, select Wordpress.

2. Fill in the input fields as mentioned below,

A. Choose Protocol -  protocol type

B. Choose Domain - choose the domain where to install

C. In Directory - select the directory where to install

D. Database - database name.

E. User Name - database user name.

F. Pass - password for the database username.

   Step 2:
Visit the domain URL path where Wordpress is installed.

Website URL: http://<your_wp_dir_path> to visit the site for further process for Wordpress installation.

1. Select the language - English (default)

2. Provide the following information needed to install

3. Installation is completed as showing below.

   Step 3: Now visit the Wordpress login page for further changes by the following URL pattern,

URL: http://<domain_name>/<wp_installation_dir>/wp-admin and login by the username and password.

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Article ID: 1021
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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