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Let's Encrypt installation in CWP

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018

Let's Encrypt installation in CWP

   Step 1: follow are the steps to install let's encrypt for a domain

1. Visit the URL http://SERVER_IP:2082 and login with your username and password.

2. From the dashboard find Auto SSL under domain and sub-domain section.

3. Select the domain which you want to install the SSL, this will validate for a while.

4. Now install the certificate for the domain.

A popup will inform it has been successful.

5. Now visit your domain as https://<your_domain> and verify that your SSL is installed correctly.

   Step 2: Following steps are for managing the SSL for the domain

1. You can visit the domain securely by clicking on Go link

2. You can also check the SSL verification from any test link

3. At the time of renewal click on renew now button to revalidate the SSL encryption

4. If you want to delete the SSL, click on delete button. After that use http://<your_domain> instead of https://<your_domain> on your domain url for further use.


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Article ID: 1089
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2018
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