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Lock/Unlock email address and other feature

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Last updated: 26 Jul, 2019

1. Login to the Zimbra Admin Console.

Login URL: https://<zimbra-server-ip>:7071 or https://<server-hostname>:7071

2. Search the email address that you want to change the status.

3. Now double click on the email address and change the Status of the email address under the Account Setup section. Screenshot is given below. Kindly check and confirm us.

Account Status:

Active: It is the normal state of the mail address, when the account status is active user can login to his account.
If the account status is Closed, user cannot login to his account and mail will not deliver to email address and it is getting bounced.
Locked: If the account status is Locked, user cannot login to email account but the mail will deliver to email address. 
Pending: Pending is a status that can be assigned when a new account is created and not yet ready to become active. The login is disabled and messages are bounced.
Maintenance: When a mailbox status is set to maintenance, login is disabled, an account can be set to maintenance mode for backing up, importing or restoring the mailbox.
Lockout: If anyone try with the wrong password several time, account will be Lockout state.

4. After set the status of the email account, kindly click on Save to modify changes.

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Article ID: 1213
Last updated: 26 Jul, 2019
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