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Network issue troubleshooting at local client desktop

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Last updated: 19 Oct, 2020

Whenever an issue evolves related to IP in the server, the following checks are needed to be done at clients end

Step 1. Ping check to domain / IP with the command ping <domain_name -t> and for the IP in case the domain does not respond as ping <IP -t> as per the below given image. The continuous ping statistics will be shown.




Step 2.  Telnet check to domain:port.

              Telnet checks have been done for SMTP 25 and 587 ports with domain_name and IP address. The different ports of email server are given below.

             Incoming server : POP3 : 110 (default), 995 (SSL)

              Incoming server : IMAP : 143 (default), 993 (SSL)

              Outgoing server : SMTP : 25 (default), 465 (SSL), 587(TLS)


Step 3.   Traceroute check to domain / IP with the command tracert <domain_name>. The hopping data will be shown in a continuous manner unless there is a data loss for a second and it will show Request timed out.


Step  4.  A global ping check can also be done for the testing as shown below.

              You can try with this link: https://www.uptrends.com/tools/ping-test      



  Once this is done, the result of the global ping check will be available as shown in the image below.


Step 5: If still you face any issue, kindly save the output of the command line utility in a text file and send a mail at support@diadem.in for further check.

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Article ID: 1350
Last updated: 19 Oct, 2020
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