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Plesk Server Health Monitor
Plesk Server Health Monitor Overview Health Monitor helps you keep your Plesk installation running smoothly by keeping track of the system resources’ usage on the server and notifying you when one or more resources’ usage reaches a pre-defined threshold. Note : For more information look...
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Server-Wide Email Settings in Plesk
Server-wide Email Settings in Plesk General options. To view and configure mail setting for the Plesk server Go To Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings (in the Mail group). To enable the mail service server wide check on the check-box "Enable mail management function in Plesk". ...
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Setup Watchdog Service Monitoring in Plesk
Setup Watchdog Service Monitoring in Plesk The Watchdog component is a solution that ensures that your server is clean from malware, all services are up and running and there is enough free disk space on the server. Watchdog can start, stop, and restart the services it monitors, and it can be...
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Sub-Domain Forwarding
Sub-Domain Forwarding Step 1: Select the Domain Tab from Left Panel. Step 2: Type the sub domain in the Search Bar located on the top right corner of the panel. Step 3: Click on the Domain name. Step 4:Click on the Apache & nginx Settings. Step 5: Type the forward link under the...
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