Custom Fields in Emailconnect

This topic will cover everything related to the Custom fields. For effective email marketing custom fields play a very important part. This can help you not only to personalize the content of your newsletter but also can help you gather vital and important information about your subscribers.

There are two types of custom fields offered by Email connnect * Local custom fields [added specifically for a particular list] * Global custom fields [added globally and available for all the lists]

Name of your custom field

You can select the field type you want to use – this will determine the html form element type and can also limit the data that can be saved under this field.

You can use the following types of the fields.

Default Value
In some of the field types you can define the default value for the field so that it will be displayed to the user.

Validation can help you validate the input and ensure that the user is not entering or populating the random value.

You can either disable the validation for the field or choose from 6 validation methods built into Email Connect.

  1. Numbers
  2. Letters
  3. Numbers and Letters
  4. Email Address
  5. URL
  6. Custom

You can also define the field visibility – whether the field is available for the subscribers under thier subscriber area or it is only visible by the List Admin.

Make this field mandatory
Use this option to make the field mandatory to fill in.

Force unique value entry
Tick this option to force a unique value entry, unless the field is populated by the end user with a unique value it will not allow the user to go further.

Make this custom field available across all your lists
Using this option you can make the custom field globally available for all your lists.

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