How to Add Website in IIS

Steps to follow to add a website in IIS

Steps to configured by selecting a folder in Windows Explorer and adding the permission identity to the folder's Access Control List (ACL).

  1. Open Windows Explorer > Select the directory under (eg: C:\website) > right click then click properties 
  2. Select the Security tab,


  1. Click the Edit button and then Add button


  1. Click the Advance button and make sure that you select user name iis_iusrs


  1. Click the Check Names button and click OK.


  1. Check Modify under the Allow column, and click OK, and OK.


  1. Open IIS Manager ( Start >> Run >> type inetmgr and hit enter). 

  2. In the connections pane, right click on the Sites and click on Add Web Site

  3. In Add Web Site box, enter friendly name of your website in Site name box.
  4. Click on Select if you want to set different application pool than the one listed in the Application Pool box. This will open Select Application Pool dialog box. Select an application pool from the Application pool drop down and click OK. 

  5.  In the Physical path box, you can type the physical path of your website folder. As an alternative, you can click on browse (...) button and select website folder manually. 

  6. Select the protocol from the Type drop down. Under IP address box, If you want to specify the static IP address to your website, type an IP address or select it from down.

  7. Enter the port number upon which you want to bind your website. Please note that port 80 is the default port for all websites. When you specify port other than 80, you will have to browse your website along with port number (For example: Type a host header name in the Host name box.
  8. Select the Start Web site immediately check box and Click OK.

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