Manage your WordPress websites with WordPress Toolkit

Manage your WordPress websites with Wordpress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit allows server administrators, resellers and customers to manage their WordPress instances, enabling a variety of development workflows for WordPress admins of all skill levels, from beginners to pros. For more details on WordPress Toolkit, see the following Guide.

One click install and configure from  a single platform, from here you can manage multiple WordPress site and update or add plugins.

Scan : It will Scan the domains and subscription of the server and will update the list below if any WordPress was manually installed in any domains.

Check Security: Using Check Security option you can check and install the WordPress security of the domains that were installed, if security needs to be updated it will show warnings, also one can view and update the security for specific sites from the dashboards.

To check the security you need to click on the exclamatory sign under the heading S as shown below to custom configure the WordPress security.

Check on the check boxes to enable to securities and scroll down to click the secure button to Activate the securities.


Plugins: You can manage plugins for any of the WordPress sites, just select the WordPress sites whose plugins needs to be installed or updated as shown below. Once you select the  specific plugins, you can also activate the plugin after the installation is done for that you need to check on the check box of Activate after installation  click on the Install button to install the plugin.

Themes: Themes for any specific WordPress can be installed or managed from the WordPress toolkit dashboard.

Update: You can also update any of the WordPress themes for the selected WordPress sites, we recommend to take  a backup from the Backup Manager before upgrading the WordPress for any specific sites.

Check for Updates: Check If any Updates for WordPress installations are left.

Auto-Update: Automatic Updates can be configured for any specific WordPress websites, where you can turn Major and Minor updates or Minor Updated or turn it Off

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