How to download and setup AnyDesk

How to download and setup AnyDesk

   Step 1: Steps to follow to install anydesk desktop application

1. Visit the link and click on Download from top menu.

2. Click on the the supported OS type which you want to install.

3. Click on the button Download AnyDesk. The application will be downloaded into you system.

4. Now install the application and open the application.

5. A. Here you can see This Desk section where your anydesk address will be shown.
If want to share your system, then share the respective number to them. You will ask for the confirmation to share your system. They will access your system remotely.

B. Under the Remote Desk section,
If want to access others system from your system, then ask them to share there address and type the address into Remote Desk and click on Connect button. After the confirmation from there end you can access there system remotely.

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