How to use Zimbra Connect for 1 to 1 Chat

How to Use Zimbra Connect Chat 

The following are the steps to initiate 1 to 1 chat with other Zimbra accounts in your domain

Below are the following steps to initiate the chat process:

Login  into  Zimbra webmail panel


 Go to the Connect TAB from the webmail interface


Click on the chats option


Click on the CREATE bar and then click on the Create chat or you can also use the filter chat list option to search email address        

After clicking on the create chat then a new pop-up will display and search the email id and click on that email address and click on the CREATE option.

The chatbox is open and type the message in the dialogue box and press enter

Note: In this chatbox, you can easily see the sender’s last scene, their contact information

If there is a single tick means it is not seen by the sender and if it is seen blue colored double tick means it has been seen

You can upload the multiple file or folders insert comments on the individual file and folders

The chat history option will show you your past conversion and the clear history will clear your chat history with the user.

On the notifications toolbar, you can mute or open the notifications for the individual’s email address and get notified as you want

Clicking on the Arrow link, the chat screen will minimise the chat window and you can continue to work on your emails and also chat on the same screen.

Spaces and Meetings are addon features and to activate the same, please send an email to us at [email protected]


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