Creating ODBC DSN through PLESK


   Creating ODBC DSN through PLESK

     Description: A Data Source Name (DSN) is the ODBC logical name for the drive and other information the database needs to access data.

                         The name is used by Internet Information Services (IIS) for a connection to an ODBC data source. 

   Step 1. To create ODBC DSN at first Login into Plesk Panel then select Websites & Domains after that click on ODBC Data Sources.


      Step 2: Now Click on the Add ODBC DSN connection.


     Step 3: Add connection name, then under driver option select your db driver for which you want to add ODBC DSN connection and the click OK


    Step 4: Select the proper "Login ID", "Password","Default Database for the ODBC data source.



       Click "Test Connection" to test the connectivity with the database.Click "Next" and then "Finish" to complete the DSN creation.







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