Domain Control Panel Overview (ENOM)

Below is the step by step guideline for Domain Control Panel access for “ENOM”.

1) Login to the ENOM domain access control panel at with your domain user name and password.

2) To change the DNS click “Edit” under “DNS Information” section. You can set you own Name servers or use the default Name servers provided by your registrar. In order to use the default Name servers select the “Default” radio button and click “Save”.

3) To enter the different records click “Edit” under “Host Records” you need to enable ENOM Default DNS server to avail the feature.

4) The different types of records like “A record”, “CNAME Record”, “TXT Record” , Domain forwarding/URL redirection are shown below.

5) To add SRV record go to the “SRV Host Records” and click “Edit” and then “Add New”. After adding the record click save.

6) To set Mail server settings go to the “Email Settings” section and click edit. Select service as “User(MX Record)” and enter the value and save.

7) To Update your contact information click on "Contact Information" in the home page and then Edit the Registrant/Default Contact, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, etc information.

8) You can change your "Password" from Domain Settings page under General Settings.

If you found any difficultly to access the same please write to us support[at]

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