Personalising your Emails with EmailConnect

Email personalization is a technique to make your emails more intuitive and also interesting which can help you increase your email open rate as well as success rate of your campaign.

There is a huge difference between an email sent without any personal information and with personal information. If you address the recipient by his name instead of valued customer the recipient will feel better and the chances of him reading it is more than you address him as valued customer.

Think about sending large amounts of personalized emails - if you have to do that manually it would take lot of time and will be not really easy enough, although with Emailconnect its easy.

You will just need to create your email content with special personalization tags. That’s all and Emailconnect will do the rest, merge those tags for each recipient’s information and deliver the email.

In order to personalize your emails, you need to have that information in your subscriber lists. Therefore, you need to create custom fields in your subscriber lists and import your subscribers with that information for the beginning.

Once you have the required information about your subscribers, it’s time to create your campaign and personalize it. While editing your email campaign content, Emailconnect provides you a list of personalization tags in a drop down list as shown in the below screen shot.

You can select the necessary personalization tag - it may look weird in the beginning although these values will be replaced with the matching values at the time of the delivery.

Here are the list of personalization tags you can use.

Subscriber Information Tags

Bounce Type


Custom Fields


Email Address


Opt in Date


Subscriber ID


Subscription Date


Subscription IP








Conditional Personalization


Campaign Links Tags

Forward to friend link


View in Web Browser


Report Abuse Link


Twitter Share Link


Facebook Share Link


Remote Content


List Links Tags

Unsubscription Link


Subscriber Area Link


List Information Tags

List ID


List Name


User Information Tags

First Name


Last Name


Email Address


Company Name


Website URL
















Time Zone


Other Tags

Email Delivery Date


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