How to create new email id in Zimbra Admin Panel

New email address creation and Increase Mailbox Quota

Create Email address

Step 01:

1. Login to Zimbra admin panel, then click on Manage.

Step 02:

1. Now click on the dropdown list on the left hand side corner of the window and choose New.

Step 03:

1. Choose your Account name and your domain name if you have multiple domain.

2. Put first name in the First name field.

3. Put last name in the Last name field.

Step 04:

1. Put the password as per your choice then click on Next to reach to Advance tab.

Increase Mailbox quota

Step 01:

1. Double click on the email address whose Mailbox size needs to be increased, now move to the Advance tab and put the desired value in the text field of Account quota(MB) then click on Finish.

In this way you can increase the account quota for a specific user.

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