Diadem Mailstore Web Login Access

Mail Store Web Access makes the archive accessible through an internet browser. This way, important functions such as browsing and viewing archived emails can be made available under any system and without having to install additional software. An installation of Mail Store Client on the user computers is not required.

Step 1: Accessing DiademMailStore Web Access

Users can use the following internet addresses to access DiademMailStore Web Access:


To login to DiademMailStore Web Access, fill out the User Nameand Password fields and click Log on. Please note, that the username must match the Mail Store username of the appropriate user

Step 2: Display of Web Based Archive Mail

Step 3: Restoring Emails

To restore an archived email which is no longer in your mailbox to Outlook, please proceed as follows: Locate the email within the archive and open it.

Click on Restore to Mailbox

Open a new window

Write the mail ID where you want to restore and click ok

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