Creating JAVA Web Application/ deploying WAR file

You can use Java Application packages for your web site in the Web Archive Format (WAR) To install a Java Application login into your Pleak Control Panel.


Login into Plesk Control Panel and go to the Website & Domains tab click on Show Advance Operations then select Java Applications.




Now click On Install Java Application.



Specify the path of an application package you wish to install (this is an application package in WAR format saved on your computer's hard drive), and click Browse to navigate to it.



A new window will appear where you can select the WAR file and click Open.

The uploaded file will be shown here then click OK.



Now the application is installed and the respective entry is added to the list of installed Java applications (Applications > Java Applications).



To access the web interface of a Java Web application, do any of the following:

From your Home page, go to Applications > Java Applications tab, and click no the installed Application, it will open a new browser page for the application.

Type the URL in your browser e.g.




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