Deploying node.js in Diadem Express Cloud

we need to login to the Diadem EC control panel, once logged in we can created a new environment. as  shown in the below given picture.

I have deployed a basic node.js without any load balancing and sql server, in the above picture I have marked the specific places which needs attention before deploying. The description of the marked places are given below.

Adding Load Balancing[1]: the load balancing can be selected for your service, there are multiple applications for load balancing, scaling are possible for the load balancing also, the same can be scaled by adding using the option 5, 6 and 7.

Application Server[2]: on this particular server you need to tune the resources by adjusting the scaling as per your need.

Other Application[3]: You can select other necessary applications that are required as per the application you are deploying.

For scaling[5,6,7 and 8]: For reserving and scaling vertically you can set using the scaling option which is marked as 5 and 6 in the image, for horizontal scaling use the "+" button marked as 8.

Resource Using and Cost[9,10]: Once the scaling and selection will be completed you will get the details in the Resources section marked as 9 also the Estimated cost can be seen, there are no hidden cost beyond what is showing in the Estimated Cost section which is marked as 10 .

If the load balancing or sql server resources needs to be increased or reserved cloudlets needs to be increased or decreased can be done as per requirement, in Express Cloud the interesting part is that you don’t need to pay if the reserved cloudlets are not being used. Within few minutes node.js got deployed and is ready for uploading your application.
I have started with the basics the environment topology can be changed whenever it is needed as horizontal and vertical scaling just click on the environmental topology button to increase and decrease as shown here we have added the MySQL server here the you can re-scale as per the need.

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