Deploying Python with SQLite in Diadem Express Cloud.

Login to your Diadem EC  panel with respective user name and password, kindly use the given below link is for quick reference to login to Diadem EC panel.

Login URL: 

Create New Environment:

Click on create new environment to create python environment click on python and specify cloudlet limits for your app server (here, the Apache one is chosen by default as the only available option), specify the preferred region and name for your environment, and click Create.

You can also change the version of Python in the already existing environment. For that click the Change environment topology button next to the environment.

Choose another version you require and click Apply.

To view python info click on open in browser:

To upload the files we can use the upload manager to upload your project.

To upload your project click on upload and upload the required files.

Once the file gets uploaded you can deploy the code, once  deployed you can open the same in the browser as shown earlier.


To login via ssh to the back end you need to configure the SSH to configure the same kindly use the given below link:


In Diadem Express Cloud if you do not set any mysql server SQLite cones in default with the Apache package, once you logged in using the SSH you can work on the databases as shown below, select the instance where the service is hosted.

Select the service or the container where python is installed.

Once you reached the specific node you can work on the SQLite database as shown below:

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