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WinSCP Installation and Configuration Instructions

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Last updated: 27 May, 2016

WinSCP Installation and Configuration Instructions

WinSCP have a secure file transfer system which allows users to transfer files to and from the servers at the Law Center. This allows you to keep important documents and files in a secure place that is backed up regularly and which you can access from any location where you have internet access.

Please follow the steps below to set up the Secure File Transfer (SFTP) software.

Please follow the below link to download WinSCP for windows on your PC.


For download WinSCP on your MAC PC.


After download the WinSCP software onto your PC, run the installer file, take all of the default choices until the installation is complete.

Double click on the WinSCP icon on your desktop to start the program. WinSCP will run and this screen will come up. From this screen, you will create a connection for the domain(example.com). Click the “New” button. This screen is where you will enter the domain information:

Host Name: example.com
Port number: 22
User Name: xxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxx
Private Key File:
Protocol: SFTP

After you have entered this information press the “Save” button and give it the name “example.com” Once you have saved the setup information, you may double click on “example.com” This will connect you to the server. Type in your password again if prompted. The first time you login, a box will appear asking you if you want to cache your profile. Press the “Yes” button.

You will then be connected to the server. The left pane of the screen will show the drives on your computer. The right pane will show you the drives on the Servers.

Now select the highlighted part and select the path where you want to go .

This program is a file transfer program. Now you will simply locate the file you want to transfer from your computer in the left pane, and drag the file over to the right pane. You can do the same thing in reverse in order to transfer files from the  server to your computer.

When the transfers are complete, I will press the red “X” in the top right corner of the screen.


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Article ID: 744
Last updated: 27 May, 2016
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