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Zimbra Calendar Sharing

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Last updated: 07 May, 2022

Share Your Zimbra Calendar with internal and external users

Zimbra allows you to share your main calendar to other id's it can be internal as well as external id. 

Note: Zimbra Calendar  feature is available for Standard and Professional editions.

Sharing a Calendar

Login to Zimbra webmail >  Click on Calendar tab

You can see a down-ward triangle indicating a menu in Calendar > click on it

Then click Share Calendar

In the Share Calendar dialog box will open, Select Internal users or groups/External guests/ Public in the Shared with section >> Enter the user’s address in the Email field

Select type of access in the Role section

Types of access in the Role section you can give to the users are

Viewer option gives access to view.
Manager option gives access to view, edit, add, remove.
Admin option gives access to view, edit, add, remove, share, and revoke calendar shares..

Click on OK

Accept Calendar Shares

After someone has shared their calendar with you, you should receive an email from them in your Zimbra account >> Click on the Accept Share button

Choose a name > Color for the calendar > click on Yes.

Go to the Calendar tab > You will now see the shared calendar in your Calendars list with the name and color that you have chosen.

Revoking a Calendar Share

Right-click on the calendar you wish to un-share > select Edit Properties

In the Sharing for this folder section of the Folder Properties dialog box, click Revoke Resend to the email address of the person you wish to exclude

Choose Yes when you are asked to confirm.

Click on Ok.

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Article ID: 1503
Last updated: 07 May, 2022
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