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How to open header report from the Zimbra Webmail
1. Login to the Zimbra Webmail. 2. Now select the particular mail and click on Actions > Show Original. 3. Now you can open the header report on a new window. Copy and paste it to the text file. To analyze header report Click Here.
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How to add email address and domain from the trusted list
How to add email address and domain name in trusted list in Zimbra: 1. Login to the webmail, as shown on the figure below. Webmail URL: http://webmail.example.com 2. Click on the "Preference" tab and click on the "Trusted addresses" link from the left hand side menu bar. 3. Now add...
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How to reset the email address password and delete email address in Zimbra
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Configure Zimbra LDAP addressbook in Outlook
Purpose: Zimbra LDAP addressbook allows automatic address book synchronization from Zimbra server, Below are given steps to configure Zimbra LDAP address book on Outlook (POP3/IMAP) user. Steps: 1. Open the Outlook. 2. Go to the "File > Account Settings"    3. Click on "Address...
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How to create distribution list in Zimbra
1. Login to the Zimbra Admin console. 2. Click on “Manage” from left hand side of the menu bar, as shown on the below figure. 3. After clicking “Manage”, click on “Distribution list” as shown on the below figure. 4. Click on gear button from the right hand side of the admin...
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How to mark a particular mail as spam/not as a spam in Zimbra Webmail
1.  Login to the Zimbra Webmail using respective username and password. 2. Select on the particular email that you want to mark as a spam, right click on that mail and click on “Mark as Spam”, as shown on the below figure. 3. After clicking “Mark as Spam”, selected mail will...
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MSH filter rule: Block all incoming and outgoing emails of Gmail and yahoo from a specific email id.
Download MSH Filter To download and install the Desktop module for MSH filter administration at your local system, Please use below given link. Desktop module for MSH filter download link: http://www.mshsoftware.com/download/msh-tp/1.7.7/MSH%20Traffic%20Policy%20Setup.exe Block all...
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Incoming and Outgoing Message Filter in Zimbra
Zimbra filter works as rules set in MUAs and in this filter we can organise our inbox according to our need, create folder move important mails and specific mails to folders. The process is shown as below: The key benefit is that the filter are activated as soon as the email reaches your inbox...
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Email User Account creation in Zimbra Mail Server
1. Login to Zimbra Server Admin Panel, click on "Add Account". 2. Give the username which we want to create and choose the doman name, Give user First Name and Last Name, tick on the Display name auto detect checkbox, Scroll down the bar and give strong password, After fill up all required...
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How to configure external email account inside Zimbra Webmail
How to configure external email account inside Zimbra Webmail 1. Login to Zimbra Webmail. Click on “Preference > Accounts > Add External Account" as shown below. 2. After clicking above mentioned option, give server information and user information to the below text...
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Enabling GAL Sync on Outlook in ZImbra OSE (Open Source Edition) version.
On Zimbra OSE (Open Source Edition) version GAL (Global Address List Synchronization) will not synchronize automatically with the local address book of an Outlook. Only on Zimbra desktop can do it with Zimbra OSE version. Note: On Zimbra Network edition (paid version), it can be...
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Installing Zimbra Desktop + Sync Address book.
Step: 01 1. We can download the Zimbra desktop latest version from below given link Link: https://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zimbra-desktop/ Step: 02 2. For install Zimbra desktop, please follow below given KB Link Link:...
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Android-based smartphones natively sync email, contacts, calendars and tasks with Zimbra accounts
For synchronize calendar, contacts, tasks and emails on your Android-based smartphones and Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Zimbra server, please follow the below given reference links: Android-based smartphones: https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_Mobile_Installation_and_Setup_for_Android ...
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Create Auto reply, Email alias, Email forwarder, and Failed login policy on zimbra 8.
Log in to your zimbra admin panel to manage Auto reply, Email forwarder, Email alias and Failed login policy. Create Auto reply  Login to your zimbra admin panel and click on Manage  Now choose the option Accounts and double click on the email id you want to create auto reply....
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Adding Appointments and Contacts in Zimbra 8 Webmail
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Zimbra 8 Webmail & Signature
Zimbra combines email, calendar and address book tools in an integrated system. For the Web Client, this is all found at one address and under one login.  Log in to Zimbra webmail to compose a new mail. Zimbra web mail user interface. Click on the drop down list. Normal 0 ...
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How to create new email id in Zimbra Admin Panel
New email address creation and Increase Mailbox Quota Create Email address Step 01: 1. Login to Zimbra admin panel, then click on Manage. Step 02: 1. Now click on the dropdown list on the left hand side corner of the window and choose New. Step 03: 1. Choose your Account name...
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Zimbra briefcase configuration
Zimbra briefcase configuration Step:01 Step:02 Step:03 Step:04 Step:05 Step:06 Step:07 Step:08
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Setting up zimbra desktop accounts with GAL sync (Global Address List Synchronization)
Zimbra desktop is an offline client that lets you manage your various email accounts in one desktop tool. Zimbra mail, Yahoo! mail, Gmail, Outlook and any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set up in zimbra desktop. Each account is separately maintained. For...
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