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How to open header report from the Zimbra Webmail
1. Login to the Zimbra Webmail. 2. Now select the particular mail and click on Actions > Show Original. 3. Now you can open the header report on a new window. Copy and paste it to the text file. To analyze header report Click Here.
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How to reset the email address password and delete email address in Zimbra
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How to restore a deleted account in Zimbra Network Edition server
How to restore a deleted account in Zimbra Network Edition server If an account gets deleted in Zimbra Network Edition server, it can be restored by the steps given below. Step1: Login to the Zimbra Admin Panel of the multi-server and click on Network Modules NG as shown below. ...
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How to Whitelist/Blacklist a domain or email address from Zimbra Webmail
1. Login to the Zimbra Webmail. 2. Click on the Preference from the webmail and click on the mail from the left hand side menu. 3. Now scroll down the page and got the Spam filter option section. To whitelist the domain: Add email address or domain under the allow messages from textbox...
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Incoming and Outgoing Message Filter in Zimbra
Zimbra filter works as rules set in MUAs and in this filter we can organise our inbox according to our need, create folder move important mails and specific mails to folders. The process is shown as below: The key benefit is that the filter are activated as soon as the email reaches your inbox...
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Installing Zimbra Desktop + Sync Address book.
Step: 01          1. We can download the Zimbra desktop latest version from below given link Link: https://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zimbra-desktop/      Step: 02 2. For install Zimbra desktop, please follow below given KB Link...
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Lock/Unlock email address and other feature
1. Login to the Zimbra Admin Console. Login URL: https://<zimbra-server-ip>:7071 or https://<server-hostname>:7071 2. Search the email address that you want to change the status. 3. Now double click on the email address and change the Status of the email address under the...
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MSH filter rule: Block all incoming and outgoing emails of Gmail and yahoo from a specific email id.
Download MSH Filter To download and install the Desktop module for MSH filter administration at your local system, Please use below given link. Desktop module for MSH filter download link: http://www.mshsoftware.com/download/msh-tp/1.7.7/MSH%20Traffic%20Policy%20Setup.exe     ...
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Setting up zimbra desktop accounts with GAL sync (Global Address List Synchronization)
Zimbra desktop is an offline client that lets you manage your various email accounts in one desktop tool.  Zimbra mail, Yahoo! mail, Gmail, Outlook and any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set up in zimbra desktop.  Each account is separately maintained....
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Zimbra 8 Webmail & Signature
Zimbra combines email, calendar and address book tools in an integrated system. For the Web Client, this is all found at one address and under one login.  Log in to Zimbra webmail to compose a new mail. Zimbra web mail user interface. Click on the drop down list. Normal 0 ...
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Zimbra briefcase configuration
Zimbra briefcase configuration Step:01 Step:02 Step:03 Step:04 Step:05 Step:06 Step:07 Step:08
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