Update Domain DNS records from Diadem CRM portal

How to Update Domain DNS records for your domain from Diadem CRM portal

NOTE: This KB article is applicable only when your domain is registered but not hosted with us and you want to use our registrar nameservers for managing your DNS records.

1. The first step is to click on login as client in the CRM portal and then on My Domains under the Domains drop down menu as given below.

CRM URL: https://manage.diadem.in

2. Click on the tool beside the active option as given in the screenshot below.

3. If you want to use the registrar nameservers, pls use the following DNS.

4. Click on the DNS Management option to view and modify the different DNS records.

5. Under DNS Management option, you will get to see different records.  
    In this, for example, if you want to add A records, then click on Manage A Records and then on Add A New A Record as shown below.

6. In this, you can add A record for a domain as given in the picture below.

7. If you want to add, edit or delete MX records, then you can do it as given in the screenshot below.


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